Saturday, August 02, 2008

It rained the WHOLE TIME

Yesterday my darling, British friend Becks and I took the kids to New Smyrna Beach. We'd checked the weather report and saw that there was a chance of precipitation, but we figured we'd soldier on.

Minutes after we'd unloaded everyone and everything from the van, the sky opened. A few of the casualties included Becky's clothes, Elijah's clothes and a lot of towels. We camped out in the van and ate our picnic lunch.

It slowed down so we got out to play a bit. Eli and Ali camped out under an umbrella and tried to build a sandcastle while I trekked back and forth to the ocean collecting buckets of water for the moat. Except it was still raining and it was windy and I kept getting rain in my eyes.

We stayed for 2.5 hours in unchanging conditions, hoping against hope that it would clear up.

Then the beach patrol pulled everyone out of the water and closed the beach because it started lightning off the shore. We took that as a cue to leave.

It was probably one of the worst days to ever, ever go to the beach, but we had a lot of laughs, I ended up with a little tan and the kids still think we're the coolest.

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