Saturday, September 25, 2010

The future

Both of my lovely sisters are pregnant with princesses who will be born in the next few months. Throw in a few friends who are also expecting and I feel like I've been churning out baby stuff for months -- baby stuff that's still here in Nica and seriously needs to get mailed. :)

I'm just about to finish my last baby gift and am setting my sights to the future.

The future uses small needles.

The future is a project that won't sit on my lap and make me hot while I knit it.

The future is also a gift, but a somewhat predictable one so I'll probably still blog about it.

The future begins Oct 1.

The future is Socktoberfest-friendly.

Here's to happy sock-knitting, care to join me?

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Alli said...

Megan, I just love your blog :-) don't have any projects going right now, but I'm glad you'll have some sock time!

I wanted to include you in the "Versatile Blogger" Award on my site.

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