Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Alison!

Alison's 7th Year

This year Alison celebrates her third birthday abroad -- a great way to start a life if ever I've heard one! :) She's having a slumber party with friends from school and church that we're all hoping we survive.

The road to eight has been paved with a lot of growth and changes. Our little girl is becoming more than a big girl. She's asking questions. She's making decisions based on long-term outcome instead of short-term.

Still a voracious reader, Ali's gotten pretty good at reading in Spanish. And speaking Spanish, too. It's still pretty funny to listen to her go off on a tangent in Spanish with her friends -- it makes her sound a lot more intense.

Big girl things have become more important: purses, nailpolish, not-Princesses, distance from her little sister; and it's been a little difficult for this mommy, but we're all growing.

Happy Birthday Roo! I love you a million!

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