Friday, July 07, 2006

A Little Less Conversation . . .

A little more knitting?

Not quite. We're all still adjusting to having a baby who likes to eat every couple of hours and sleep, but never when you're actually tired and not trying to accomplish your one goal for the day. That's right, I've scaled down to one goal per day; i.e. one load of laundry, addressing baby announcements, getting dressed. I've been varying degrees of successful.

But, I did get some knitting done.

I've got all the increases for the bottom of the French Market Bag finished and have started on the body. I'm really glad I started this project when I did - it keeps me busy, but doesn't challenge my fluctuating intelligence level.

My first Jaywalker sock is ready for a heel - hopefully to be worked on this weekend. And I've almost gotten the details crunched for my Sock Party Partner's sock, I'll have to find a little minute to run to the yarn store next week.

Here's the sisters:


Bossygirl said...

Wow!!! Laundry, two little chickies, and you're STILL finding time to knit????!!!! You rule!!! *s*

Maria said...

I'm from Orlando too! Just thought I would introduce myself. Congratulations on the baby!


Anonymous said...

OK....I have to admit she's cute