Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Motley Crue

After two days of looking and visits to two different craft stores, I've assembled the needles necessary to start the girls' Pinwheel sweaters. Visit 1 to Michael's yielded no needles, not one of the 5 needles were there. It's very frustrating to look at a shelf and see sz. 7, sz. 8, sz. 10 - like size 9 doesn't even exist. Visit 2 to Joann's got me several different brands of needles made out of different stuff. I'm hoping that this will not mess up the gauge.

And my yarn arrived yesterday. It's very pretty. I haven't taken it out of the bag yet because I'd really like to finish up my Sock Party Sock first. Gusset done, we're on the fast-track to the toe. :)

Since I appreciate honesty, I'm going to be honest with myself and you, gentle reader. I joined the Summer of Socks with the greatest of intentions of knitting tons of little socks all summer long. But then I had a baby and the thought involved in sock knitting and the amount of time I can spend on them are just beyond my current ability.

I will complete my Sock Buddy's sock and have high hopes of completing maybe one pair in preparation for Christmas by Labor Day. Hopefully.

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Eve said...

You can do it! Sock knitting is all about enjoying it, so knit socks till you need to knit something else and remember, it's all about enjoying what you are working on. If it isn't interesting anymore, move on to a new pattern!