Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 15: BONUS!!

Well I've made it to the halfway point of NaBloPoMo and thought we should celebrate with a bonus photo. I believe this picture was taken around 1996-1997. In Tampa, after a Supertones concert where we were all dancing and jumping and being silly in silly clothes. We're really sweaty, but we had a great time.

My sister Aileen is the only one who managed to look like a normal person, and if she weren't so overexposed it'd be easier to see how beautiful she is.

The guy in the top right corner, looking tall, lanky and weird - that's Wayne. The love of my life, although not at this time, we were still just friends. :)


1 comment:

Ann-Marie said...

ah the supertones..

i am loving these pictures of you! you are so cute!!