Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 25: 2001


Easily one of the happiest days of my life. The weather was gorgeous (important in an outdoor wedding), most things happened on time and I got to marry my best friend in the whole world. Plus, all day everyone told me how beautiful I looked. :)

Here I am waiting in the limo before the ceremony. My dress was fairly simple, just a strapless A-line with pearl beading along the top. My veil was made by a friend of the family to my specifications. I wore flip-flops. I didn't really do my hair that morning - I had a hairdresser come to the house to help us all out and my long-haired bridesmaids took up a lot more time than we expected. I don't have them on here, but for the ceremony I wore above the elbow-length white gloves. It was December and when I bought my dress there was a lot of talk about how cold I could possibly be, it was in the 70s the day of the wedding. :)

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Ann-Marie said...

oh beautiful. you look so radiant!
that's awesome