Friday, November 09, 2007

Day 9: 1987


Things I remember from 1987:

* I "played" softball - as evidenced here. I was terrified of the ball. I'm pretty sure I never hit the ball or caught the ball. My team was horrible, but somehow we made it into the Playoffs. Best part? The root beer at the pizza party after was awesome.

* I was also a crazy amazing Girl Scout. And I sold cookies like a champ. Our trick to big sales in 1987? We sold cookies outside the local video rental place on Friday nights.

* I weighed maybe 60lbs. soaking wet. This would also last for a few more years, the Skinny Years. Hopefully they'll be making a comeback. :)


I've been working on Erin's Clapotis while I try to decide what to do with Wicked. I may frog it. It hurts to say out loud, or type for all the world to see, but it's just too big and if it grows I'll be left with a sweater that's far too big and that I'll never wear. That is not my goal.

Would it be a good idea to wash the yarn before re-knitting?? So my sizing will be accurate??

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trek said...

Yes, wash the yarn!