Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stormy Weather

Well, hurricane season is still in full swing. Gustav didn't cause us much trouble -- although it did keep my brother-in-law from going back to work on his oil rig in the Gulf.

But this morning's news is bleak on the stormfront.

Coming later this week -- Hurricane Hanna (it's seldom a good sign when they become hurricanes before they even make it to Cuba).

Fast on her heels, Ike.

And behind him, Storm 10 -- not as scary since it has no name.

Alison's early birthday party is this weekend and in an effort to have a lot of fun and not have to clean too much, it was being held at the park by our house. Even if Hanna doesn't hit us directly, we're so water logged that even a little rain is going to flood out the park. I hope she gives up and decides to take an easterly course back across the Atlantic.

And Ike -- don't mess with my flight to Mexico.

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