Sunday, September 14, 2008

En Mexico

We made it. It was not the easiest trip, but we arrived safely at the training base at 2 AM on Saturday morning.

This weekend has been wonderful. We've been settling in and getting to know our 10-week family. The weather has been fair and even a little chilly at night - which is a blessing because the base has now air conditioning.

We lost Emily's binky on our last leg of the flight which has made sleep times a little tricky, but she's adapting. Historically it has taken her three days to adapt to any great change, so we're over the hump. :)

I've brought some knitting, but haven't really knit a stitch. But maybe tonight - I have a birthday gift to finish.

This week we go and live with a Mexican family in their home. This family has been instructed to speak only Spanish to us. I keep thinking it's going to be funny instead of frustrating. Fingers crossed. We also will be attending Language School in shifts so one of us is always with the girls.


Kaaren said...

Felicidades en llegar a Mexico sano y salvo. Que Dios los bendiga en esta nueva phase de sus vidas. El les dara sabiduria, fortaleza y fuerza. Saldudos a su nueva familia en Mexico tambien.

Nicole said...

Good luck the the Spanish! All I know are food words... queso, quesadilla, agua, con carne...

Anonymous said...

Good to hear. . . (from Mariellyn at Ravelry)