Saturday, September 27, 2008

FOs in Cuernavaca, MX


I'm supposed to be knitting the rest of my sister's birthday gift (and am now), but the project is on very expensive and cherished Addi Turbos. Although the FAA is down with knitting, I was still a little scared they'd try to take it away and I'd lose my ATs.

So I decided to take an old size 7 circular and some cotton and knit some dishclothes -- totally easy pattern to memorize, totally inexpensive supplies to lose if push came to shove.

Here at the base we go through a lot of dishes. Last week my team was the Kitchen Team and we counted that we were washing somewhere close to 50 cups a day. There are 11 of us here, but all the cups are the same color and no one can keep track of one for too long, so 50 cups. As I was washing, sanitizing and drying I started thinking about knitting and then it occurred to me that I could leave the dishrags here instead of taking them home.

So they are loved by all and sure to be well used by us and future groups in their kitchen. And speaking of the kitchen -- check this out:


That stove has 4 burners, an oven, a grill, a huge skillet, a deep fryer and a broiler! And that list may not even be complete, those are just the things I've seen it do in the last two weeks. :)

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