Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Birthday Socks!

After completing the French Market Bag earlier this week I was left with a decision to make about what to knit next. Now I know that there are several things on my progress bars that have 0% finished on them - you'd think I'd work up one of those. But I remembered that Aileen's birthday is coming up on Sept. 5th and since I have such great luck at gifting knitted items to her - or at least with her not being critical when things are huge, super huge - I'd knit her a little something.

I had purchased some beautiful ArtYarns Supermerino from Destash a few weeks ago with Christmas-y Aileen socks in mind, so I just pushed up the timetable. Tonight I made it to and started the heel flap.

I'm using this really great pattern from Cherry Tree Hill yarns. It's great for the not-so-thin sock yarn you may have hidden away in your stash. And it's wicked easy, great for a first-time socker.

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Dipsy said...

Oh, this sock is coming along so fine, I love the yarn you're using and the pattern certainly rocks! Such an amazing gift idea! Happy Knitting!