Friday, August 25, 2006

Little Knittin' Chica

lots of bubbles on the front porch
clean, clean truck - thanks baby
emails from old friends

baby shampoo
clinique happy

sweaty gym clothes
sore, sore muscles
smooth addi turbos

'save a horse, ride a cowboy'
emily 'talking'
brewski barking at cats across the street

more vanilla lattes
chicken lo mein
garlic bread


I've been wanting to teach Alison to knit, but every time I try we just end up frustrated with each other. It's not her fault, I think she's still too young. But thanks to the advice of Adrienne, today we discovered that she's not too young to finger knit. She made herself a bracelet and had a ball doing it.

And what should arrive in the mail today, but my gorgeous new labels from RohmCustom. They're are so nice and smell really good too. I opted for the cotton labels and ended up getting 54 for only $10, plus $.85 for shipping!! I can't wait to start putting them in finished stuff.

That is totally birthday sock 2 in the background. I'm speeding down the gusset and hope to get them close to finished this weekend. We're driving out to Tampa for my friend Alison's wedding so I should be able to knit quite a bit.

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

These labels are so cool!

Finger knitting... ah... the memories! Cute bracelet, too. : )