Saturday, August 19, 2006

think, think, think

eric carle art museum exhibit
that badass OK GO video with the treadmills
lower fat %

yummy pf changs
strawberries - it seems like my fridge is full of them
lemon orbit gum

Emily's soft skin
crappy sneaker blisters
new porch stucco

Alison singing 'Video Killed the Radio Star'
new Fergie-Ferg
Aileen :)

chocolate covered donuts - the cheap, waxy ones
iced half-caf, sugar-free vanilla lattes
yummy pf changs


I've worked my way all the way down the gusset on Aileen's Birthday Sock 1 and now just need to power my way through to the toe. I had to call her to get her exact foot measurement, but luckily she was a) home, and b) not to inquisitive about the request. Last weekend she and Jason made it to the summit of Long's Peak - their second 14er ever and their second mountain this summer. She's a little laid up from the journey but glad that they were able to finish what they started last summer when they didn't summit.

Her camera ran out of batteries their second morning on the mountain, so they couldn't take a picture when they reached the summit later that day. Luckily, there was a very nice stranger on the summit who not only took their picture (they use these for Christmas cards), but emailed it to her quickly so she didn't have to keep wondering if she would. Without further ado, Sewell's on Long's Peak:

In non-knitting news, I was cleared to go back to the gym on Tuesday at my Drs. appointment. So I dove back in with both feet and went every morning this week. Only problem is that my feet changed with this pregnancy and my sneakers are not my friend any longer. I've got blisters on my heels and yesterday my pinky toe was bleeding when I got home from being squished. I didn't realize how bad they were until the toe incident, I just knew they didn't fit great, but Sunday we're going to get me some new sneakers.

Has anyone ever considered/tried knitting on the treadmill?? It seems like such a waste of time that could be used to knit.


adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

your poor feet..!! that sounds like its painful..Ive tried unsuccessfully to knit on the tread mill..i think it requires more coordination than is humanly possible.. but i can read and tread mill at the same time..(^_^)

Brena said...

Hmmm... if you decide to knit on the treadmill, take me with you. I can spot you for a bit. :) Cute pic of Aileen and Jason, that's a cool idea to have a Christmas card picture that reflects one of your hobbies.