Monday, August 14, 2006

French Market Bagged

This weekend was very busy, but I still ended up with a FO. On Saturday Wayne and Dave worked on enclosing the front porch and painting the house and I wrangled the children and cleaned like a maniac. Why clean?? 'Cause all my lovely knitting friends from NYGK were coming over for our Summer Yarn Swap party. It was great.

I tried to pawn off the leftover yarn from the Color Bar Blanket, but no one wanted my half-used skeins of Wool-Ease - suprise, suprise. I did manage to move a little unwanted yarn onto happier homes though. And I didn't want to take any yarn, but once my living room was full of it, I couldn't help myself. Here are a few of the treasures I acquired:

A bag of brightly colored Cascade 220 - 'cause I couldn't pass up wool. Some green verigated Regia sock yarn - woo hoo sock yarn. And a gigantic ball of homespun cotton - this picture does not do the size of this thing any justice, it's big.

Sunday we visited my grandfather and then my great aunt - they live near each other on the west coast of Florida so they're easy to visit both on the same day. We had a lovely day of old people full of hugs and food and picture taking and the 2-hour drive gave me time to work on my FMB. I got 3 of the straps finished and did the last one this morning.

Luckily I got to felt this bag because my Kitchner stitching of the handles was jacked up - but now you can't tell. Thanks to Maggie for the advice on making the straps longer, I did and they still seem on the shortish side so I can't imagine how little they would be if I'd knit the pattern. Anyway, it's finished and currently blocking. Woo hoo!

Pre-felting/silliness/blocking with 2-liters:

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adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Yay for finished projects!!...your french market bag looks great!!