Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday is for Felting

Felting, felting, felting.

I really enjoy making felted items. There's something rebellious and subversive about doing exactly the opposite of what you are supposed to do with the fibers. It feels dangerous and I love to watch the process happen and seeing the stitches close in on each other.

I get a little bored on knitted felted projects since they are usually so big, so I thought I'd try out some different felting projects. Using the tutorial found here and some roving purchased here, isn't it gorgeous??, I made some beautiful felted soaps today.

While I was at it, I finished up the body and attachments for my Sushi Wallet and threw that in the washing machine to felt up. The packaging for this kit is deceptive, I know it's called the Sushi Wallet, but I envisioned it as a Sushi Changepurse. It's actually almost 8 inches wide and very spacious.

I've been on an etsy buying spree for Secret Pal gifts and got a little something for myself. My recent love of black and white damask print has been manifested in the most amazing checkbook cover ever. Thanks Laura! One of my favorite things about etsy is how so many things come packaged like gifts. Everyone loves gifts! She even included a handwritten card! Lovely!

And in the crazy, randomness of Orlando, we were at the park today, not any old park, one of the swankier parks in the downtown area and saw this sign:

That's right Moms, if you're going to be running around with the kiddies, remember to take off your stilettos first. Funny thing is, you can see the areas of the squishy, recycled tire ground that have already been pocked by heels. Madness!

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