Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun Weekend-O-Rama!

We were very busy this weekend, busy having tons of fun!

You're waiting with bated breath to know if I finished R2 aren't you?? I did, but it was an 11th hour finish if ever there was one. Duplicate stitch takes a lot longer than knitting, so while the re-knit of the hat in the round took just a few hours, I was stitching for 3 days. In the end it turned out great, but I don't have pictures yet.

Wayne and I talked about this on our way to the party. Ordinarily when I give something handknit to someone, I want them to immediately love it so much that they try it on (assuming it's a wearable knit). This is how I roll. I knew that this wasn't going to happen with the hat though and tried to prepare myself, not because Nick didn't love it (he does!), but because he also loves his hair which I knew would be styled by the time we got there and that would prevent any hat trying-on. And that's exactly what happened, he opened it, there was much fanfare about how awesome it was/I am/Star Wars is and then promptly said, "I'd try it on, but I don't want to mess up my hair."

So pictures are coming soon, when I catch him on a bad hair day or at the end of the day when he's stopped caring. :)

As far as the recon pattern goes, I'm waiting to hear back from the chick who did the pattern before I post it. I'd really like her permission since it is her chart.

A night on the town was good for Mr. Megaknits and I - we had a few drinks, met some new people and even did a little dancing. And we didn't get home until almost 1AM, I can't tell you the last time we were out that late. We must be the oldest 26/27-year-olds alive.


The fun didn't stop on Saturday either. I went and (wo)manned the Not Your Grandma's Knitting Group table at the Central Florida fair and got to meet quite a few people who are interested in knitting. I also got to receive all the compliments for the items we had on display. :) And was the first to see the results for the Creative Arts competitions. I won two 2nd place ribbons, one 3rd place and two honorable mentions. :)

One of the girls in our group won 1st place with her gorgeous Lady Eleanor shawl! I'm so proud. I know other people entered and won things, but I couldn't be 100% sure about every item 'cause the tags were hard to see. Congratulations ladies!

When my shift was up, Wayne and the girls joined me for an evening at the fair.

1. Central Florida Fair 2007: Kiddie Ferris Wheel at Dusk,
Alison riding the caterpillar coaster,
High school photography that caught Wayne's eye,
Emily seeing the sights,
Ali playing "Dairy Toss",
Gorgeous quilts,
Crochet Nicole got an honorable mention,
The Birthday Socks took second!,
Em's Pinwheel Sweater won third!

Also on Saturday, before the Fair, the mailman came. Where's the fun in that you ask?? Here's the fun:


What's this peaking out??,
2. Wrapped goodness,
Unwrapped amazingness!,
4. NORO!!! It is so beautiful, I did it justice and took this photo in natural light.,
Alison loves "Crabby"!,
"Spring Tulips" by Spritely Goods - Handdyed DK! Holy Project Spectrum. :)

Can you believe the amazing-ness!! Also included, but not individually photographed are: a note on cute stationary - pal, you've got really cute stationary; a chibi set of bent needles; Burt's Bees Hand Care Kit, o yeah, the whole kit; Ginger and Green Tea Mineral Bath set that smells delicious; a bottle of Hempz hand moisturizer; another ball of cotton, I love cotton. I think I'm going to use the "Spring Tulips" to knit Alison another shrug for ballet, it's very soft.


Sunday I attended my knitterly friend Jessica's baby shower. It was a lot of fun and her Mom made a really yummy lunch full of stuff I love. We played some games, ate until our bellies were full and got to spend some time just hanging out. I brought a diaper cake and am so impressed with myself that I took pictures to show you. :)


Jessica said...

Thanks again for coming to the shower! And I agree wholeheartedly that your diaper cake was most impressive!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Woo, you're busy! The Fair looks lots of fun!