Friday, April 13, 2007

Ramblings of a Mouth Breather*

1. I won those jelly beans in a 'guess how many' contest at an Easter party. I'm thrilled, mostly because I used math to make my guess and now remembering the formula for volume doesn't seem so useless - high schoolers take note. Wayne however does not seem to understand how to eat Jelly Bellys and keeps grabbing them by the handful and then spitting them out when the combo doesn't work out. I have printed this out and posted it near the jar, maybe now he'll enjoy them more.

2. Find yourself getting disinterested with LOST?? Is that perhaps because you didn't watch the first, or even second, season during live broadcast but instead on DVD?? Set your DVR, let them back up a little. Much more stimulating. I'm half way through March.

3. When you are hopped up on 'Quil, whether Ny or Day, do not attempt to knit from a chart. You will read it two or three times, it will be a simple repeating pattern and 3 rows in you'll realize you can't count. Then you'll have to un-knit it, hoping against hope that you won't drop a stitch 'cause you definitely can't handle that. Once you're back to the beginning of the mistake you'll be exhausted from all that and still have made no progress.

4. YARNIVAL will be posted on Sunday, maybe late Saturday, but definitely by Sunday. :)

* I am sick. It's just a cold that has been developing for the past few days, but I am miserable and can't breath through my stuffed up nose. Where's my ChapStick??

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pal!
Much sympathy from me! We've been the viral household here as well!

Hope you feel better soon!
SP10 Pal!