Saturday, April 14, 2007


Woo hoo! This is the April 15th, 2007 edition of Yarnival! And what better theme for today's issue then taxes. :)

Let's start off with the forms, you know the usual suspects: 1040, w-2, 1099, Schedule C. Think you've got all the forms you need, sharpen your pencil and dive into these handy tools.

lucia presents Maggie Shawl Calculator posted at The Knitting Fiend, saying, "I wrote a handy calculator for a simple shawl. It creates directions and estimates yarn needs."

Feel like you're in a rut? The Positivity Blog gives us 8 Ways to Spark Your Creativity posted by Henrik Edberg.

Elinor presents Yarn Wear Tests posted at Exercise Before Knitting, saying, "I think postmortem yarn reviews could be really useful so I've dug up some baby knits to see how they've held up to 6 months of spit up, drool and frequent washings."

Maia cooked up Yarn Recipe posted at Maia Spins, saying, "In this post I discuss how to make spinning batts on a drum carder and how different spinning methods will change the look of the finished yarn."

Are you feeling overwhelmed?? Too many "subtract line 39 from line 40, unless it's greater than line 2"s?? Perhaps it's time to call in the professional accountants . . . These guys are sure to be helpful. You've got people.

Miss T presents In Praise of Vintage Needles posted at Miss T's Mystery House of Yarn & Horrors.

What the hell is a LYS?? Kim presents Knitblog Lingo posted at Knits with a silent K, saying, "It's a glossary of knitblog terms, abbreviations, and acronyms, for people who are just starting out reading blogs."

Pooch presents Favorite Knitting Accessory posted at Yarn~Knit~Read~Lit, saying, "This post is about my favorite knitting accessory, the magnetic chart/pattern holder which is as essential as my yarn when I knit! :)"

Hooray, you did it! You finished the forms and lucked out even further - you're getting a refund! For those of you who opted for direct deposit, here's a little instant gratification.

Nicole presents Knerq: Swish poncho posted at Knerq, saying, "A simple finished object that turned out well despite a yarn substitution and a pattern that was not as specific as it could have been."

Rachel gave us the not so instant
Finished Object: My White Whale posted at Lickety Knit, saying, "Rachel shares a great story of making her man a sweater and all of the trials she endured to get to the finish."

Megan presents Knittin' Mittens posted at Woolly Interlude.

Amy presents An astounding object posted at Knit Think.

But if you decided to wait for your check, here are some great ways to pass the time.

Niki Anders presents Arm/Leg - Warmers posted at The-A-TEAM.

Ann-Marie shares I Dreamed of Africa sock pattern posted at thechickwithsticks.

Okay, okay, so maybe you filed back in January, or live in a different country where April 15th doesn't grip your heart with fear, or maybe you just want to take a break from the tedium of the IRS website. If that's the case, here are some diversions.

Hannah presents Complexity and Dependability posted at The Purloined Letter.

Elvis D presents Social posted at 365fiction.

Kim presents Shopping for a New Car while Knitting posted at The Purloined Letter, saying, "Describes shopping for a car in terms of types of yarn: luxury, American made, etc. Short but funny."

We just assumed posted at Domesticat, saying, "Funny story about how she almost didn't know she was her friend's maid of honor."

Parenting posted at The Soapy Knitter, saying, "Compares knitting to parenting."

That concludes this edition.

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May 15th Issue to be edited by Laura of Fiber Dreams. :)


Anonymous said...

Great issue!! Thanks for putting it together!

Rachel said...

Hee hee, what a clever theme. (And I was terribly surprised to find myself included in the issue -- cool!) Thanks for all your hard work.

Kaye said...

Great edition! I'm glad to see some of my fave blog entries made it in this month!

Eve said...

This was fantastic! Now I have two hours worth of posts to read. Good job! :)

Chris said...

That was a lot of fun - thanks!

Megan said...

Great issue- I love having new things to read when Yarnival goes up! And thanks for including me- that was exciting to see!

Rosi G. said...

Great compilation of posts! I was also pleasantly surprised to see my spur-of-the-moment post included. Thanks! :D

PS: You got soap on my blog! :D I didn't realize what your comment to my soap post meant until someone else pointed it out to me. LOL

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Nice job on Yarnival! I enjoyed reading through this month's selections. : )