Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Magical Day

1. wishes show, 2. Nana, Ali, Emi & Minnie Mouse, 3. Ali & Megan, 4. Emily & Nana, 5. Ali & Emi on Cinderella's Carrousel, 6. Nana and Alison discuss photography, 7. Ali, Emi & Mickey Mouse!!, 8. Sisters in Minnie's house, 9. Nana and the girls with Walt and Mickey, 10. Megan & Emily, 11. Emily dreaming before the wishes show, 12. Emily on the Carrousel, 13. Nana, taken by Alison

On Wednesday, my Mom and I took the girls to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Now we've had annual passes to Universal and Sea World, but never Disney, and while Alison has been before, there's still a lot of mystique to Disney. What a great day we had!

I packed enough baby and people food for the whole day and made a deal with Alison that if there were no fits we could stay all the way to the fireworks. And that kid pulled it off. Not one tear or stamped foot was seen all day. All day being 9:15am until 9pm when the wishes fireworks show started. Then we had a bit of a I'm-sleepy-you're-sleepy-I-just-want-to-lay-down hiccup, but we quickly recovered. We didn't get home until 11:15pm and Mom still had to drive to her house. What a great Nana!

Unlike the other theme parks we've been to, the Magic Kingdom has lots of rides that babies can go on - everything in Fantasyland, plus good rides like Pirates of the Carribean. Ah yes, PotC has been revamped a little to incorporate Johnny Depp. You can't hate Johnny Depp animitronics. Very lifelike. :)

The girls got to meet Micky and Minnie Mouse and Emily got her own pair of ears with her name embroidered on them.

Alison used all her bravery and went on Big Splash Mountain and almost went on Space Mountain, but the kid with the measuring stick inside said she was 1/32 of an inch too short. Irritating since the girl outside said she was fine. No bravery was necessary to get her onto this one, since it's all inside she had no idea what I was taking her on. Tricky Mommy.

It was a wonderful day and wouldn't have happened without the generosity of a knitterly friend, thanks Eve! I think you're awesome and the girls do too. :)


Eve said...

My pleasure!! I love the pics and I am so glad that you guys had a great time!!!

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Oh, the joy of a Disney park... definitely looks like a wonderful time, love the pictures! : )