Saturday, September 02, 2006


I feel very accomplished today, having reached my 100th post and really applying myself as a blogger. I love having a forum to keep myself accountable and show off my craftiness. Thanks readers, welcome new subscribers!

Emily's rapidly lightening hair
Berenstain Bears
almost 4-year-old meltdown

formula - I feel like it's my new signature smell
the gym - ick!


Ali & Gary's vows
Dave & Wayne playing guitar
lot of laughter with old friends

de-licious prime rib
chocolate-chip cookies


I've rethought the washcloth situation. The second one went a lot better. And Adrienne had the brains to look up the pattern to check for corrections and let me in on them. Thanks! I think my bigger complaint was working with that darn cotton. It hurts my fingers! I has no give! Ick!

That didn't stop me from picking up more Sugar n' Cream yesterday though - they work up quick and make great gifts. I can't snub my nose at that.

I'm almost to the edging for Jocelyn's Pinwheel sweater. Here's another example of something I did much better at the second time around. The provisional cast on for the sleeves was a breeze and I feel confident about pulling out the contrasting color yarn this time - I'll let you know how it goes.

In honor of my 100th post, I'm going to post 100 random things about me - some knitting related, most not. I'll do this over the next 10 posts so you don't get burned out on how cool I am. Or not. :)

1. I love God.
2. I love my husband, Wayne.
3. I love my girls, Alison & Emily.
4. My dog’s name is Brewski. He’s the 2nd dog I’ve ever owned. The 1st’s name was Watson.
5. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with an emphasis on Film – translation, I’m no fun at movies.
6. I completed a minor in English – I love to read.
7. My husband decorated my fish tank to look like Grecian ruins.
8. Our wedding anniversary is December 15th.
9. If you get married near Christmas, people will give you ‘Our First Christmas’ ornaments like they’re going out of style. I know from personal experience.
10.I share my birthday with Anne Frank.

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Congrats on the 100th post! : ) That fish tank must be cool, and cute picture, too!