Friday, September 29, 2006

So Many Secrets

No great detail on knitting stuff 'cause everything is a secret.

I'm working on Nicole's Christmas present which is working up quickly - I've only spent about 3 hours working on it, but it's crochet and my hand keeps cramping up weird. I should really be finished with it by now.

After becoming totally addicted to a smaller project I make this summer, I've decided that they will be my go-to gift. So I'm all stocked up on cotton (hint, hint) and burning out a pile of these little gifties. And by stocked up, I mean STOCKED UP. It seems like everytime I go to Michaels, Joanns or WalMart even - and I'm at WalMart almost every other day - a ball or two of cotton sneaks into my bag. I've got a serious pile of stashed cotton.

On the list of things started and things to be done for swaps/holidays/etc is a big pile of socks. I've been stashing up yarn for these as well and just need to finalize which patterns I want to try. I'm making a goal to do something a little challenging for my Harvest Sock Swap partner - any suggestions?

Things I can talk about in greater detail: My Bad Penny gained a few inches at SnB on Tuesday night, but I'm still in the tediously growing raglan section. I doubled checked the numbers and by the time I get to the body, I'll be halving the stitches I'm working up to. It'll be a relief. The yarn for Wayne's sweater will finally ship out today. Then it's just a matter of Priority Mail getting it here - quickly I hope. And I cast on a magKNITficent 'No Sugar Added' sock and I'm really digging the pattern. It gives you a little to think about so it goes faster, but not too much so you don't miss a minute of CSI. :)


gorgeous felting yarns
Jody's fiber treasures
glow-in-the-dark mini golf

Wayne's gum

Jody's angora
icky acrylic for a good cause
soft UltraMerino

workout grunts
Alison singing
'did you just say shut up to me??'

gummy worms
basil crusted tilapia
tuna fish sandwich


The end of the list. :)

91. I ship virtually everything via Priority Mail.
92. I’m diabetic.
93. I’m right-handed.
94. I’ve considered trying to write a children’s book.
95. Wayne and my ‘song’ is ‘Everlong’ by the Foo Fighters.
96. I like to sing loudly in the car, whether I’m on-key or not. It’s starting to rub off on Alison.
97. I used to work at a Market Research firm, I put together focus groups.
98. I love a good pedicure.
99. I can be bribed with chocolate, preferably dark chocolate.
100. I am excellent at memorizing phone numbers.

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

You've got a lot of great projects going on/coming up. : ) And WalMart is fun for cotton stashing... I can't find Peaches & Creme anywhere else.