Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Knitty in Review

My thoughts on the Fall Knitty.

Before I even discuss the patterns, I have to mention this quarter’s banner. It’s delicious. I don’t know what yarn that is, but I love it and wish it were mine.

Viveka: I think this sweater is cute, I’d probably wear it. I probably wouldn’t knit it ‘cause with my big girl body it would take miles and miles of stockinette and I’d probably give up early on. The first photo leaves a little to be desired, is that girl supposed to look pregnant?

Lucie: Not my style, but it looks cute on the mannequin. Note that I said mannequin, that first picture makes the more busty model look bloated. As a busty girl, this turns me off to said garment.

Cactus Flower: This is pretty. I like the carrying of two unrelated yarns together. I do not however like cowl necks.

Ivy: Gorgeous, I even love the color they picked. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of work for a girl who lives in a place where it gets cold for 2 days.

Serrano: Love it. I may make this one after Christmas when I’m looking for a challenge and not a deadline.

Avast: Nicole mentioned this one to me as it is similar to the Men’s Raglan Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts that I intend to knit for Wayne. I like this one, but Wayne would take one look at the cabling on the bottom and never wear it. I’m going to stick to the original game plan.

Let me pause from the patterns for a second to point out the second thing I love, loved about this issue. Did you see the banner at the top of each pattern?? The one that was directly related to the yarn used or a great substitute from KnitPicks. That is some genius marketing right there. I can see knitters everywhere thinking, I like this pattern, but I have to go look up the yarn at my fav online store or drive to my LYS and then they see the banner and BAM! Yarn ordered! Project started sooner! Love it!

Sherwood: Gorgeous cabling, but if my kids are any measure of children worldwide, they would grow out of it by the time I finished it. Even if I made it 3 sizes bigger.

Intolerable Cruelty: Not for me. Although I am jealous of that girl’s bootie.

A Little Slip: Not so little. I’m trying to see beyond the colors she picked, but can’t wrap my head around it yet. Maybe. Probably not.

Lizard Ridge: If I were ever to make a full size blanket, it would be this one. It’s a very beautiful way to display Noro. How much do you think all that yarn costs??

Red Herring: Cute. I like to knit socks so maybe I’ll try this pattern out. Side note: I have that sushi tray. J

Cablenet: I will never knit this well. I won’t even pretend it could happen.

Sox on 2 stix: I’ve noticed that there a billion ways to knit socks. Magic Loop, DPNs, 2 circs. I’m trying to master them one at a time. I’ll probably get to this method in my 30s.

Diamante: I think I’m going to use the coral Nature’s Palette yarn I rec’d a while ago to try out this pattern. I think it’ll challenge me just enough to still want to cast on for number 2.

Ayla: I’ve got 2 girls, of course I’m knittin’ this one. Or maybe 2.

Sugar on Snow: Very innovative, but alas, no snow here.

Tamarah: I’m not a shawl wearer and don’t think I really know anyone who is. And the ‘piquant’ rating on this one scares me.

Twiggy Tweed: Love it! I may add this to my Christmas knitting for some very well-loved friends.

Back to School: These are cute. I like that the designer included so many great motifs. I may chart out some names or other words to give them as gifts. How cute would the be in black and white with ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ on them.


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Jocelyn's "finished" Pinwheel sweater - I have from now until November to weave in those pesky ends.


41. I went to the Everglades on my honeymoon.
42. My first camera was made by Fisher Price.
43. I saw ‘Field of Dreams’ in the theaters.
44. I believe babies should be dressed like people, not like they live at a slumber party.
45. When I was in high school I would tease my mom for dressing me in corduroys and Mary Janes, that ended in college when I started dressing myself in them.
46. I wore overalls 3 out of 5 days in college.
47. My friends have the pictures to prove it.
48. I bit my tongue badly the day before Halloween in 2nd grade and couldn’t eat any candy at our class party the next day.
49. I remember where I was when the Challenger blew up.
50. The first thing I ever knit was a scarf for Wayne. It’s awful.

In the intrest of full-disclosure. I didn't even bother weaving in the ends of this 'scarf', I just tucked them under for the picture.


adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

your finished sweater turned out beautiful.. bring it tonight and ill help u weave in the ends.. (^_^)

Donna said...

I *love* Serrano! And I actually quite like Little Slip, although different colours, definitely. This Knitty is the best ever, I think :)

Katherine said...

Hey Megan, can you email me please? Thanks!