Thursday, September 21, 2006


Last night I went on my first 'training' ride with my new bike. This is the second time I've riden a bike since just after college (and very much before two babies).

I went with Wayne since I was learning my new pedals and Nicole promised he'd try to catch me if I screamed that I was going to fall.

Let me explain something about my husband, he's one of those guys who has to seriously let himself go for a while to seem not-fit. Everytime we go on a diet together, he's dropped his target weight (5 lbs.) in a day and I'm left eating like a rabbit while he's at McDonald's. While I was pregnant with E, he had the audacity to lose 16 lbs. And he mentioned last night that he's lost 2 lbs in the last two weeks in which he has not gotten on his bike or gone to the gym.

Irritating, right?

Instead he was wonderful last night. He stayed with me at my slow-for-him 11 mph. He was really encouraging throughout the ride, pointing out things I was doing well and things that impressed him.

He did tell me lies, like if I went a mile further he'd buy me a soda when we took our break. I didn't get a soda. And told me that the ends of hills were closer than in reality.

Distance: 14 miles. From Ingram Rd. to downtown Winter Garden.

Average speed: 10 mph

Duration: 1.5 hours

Did I fall? Not really. I almost fell, but managed to run into a bush and column and stay upright. Another almost fall, Wayne tried to come up behind me to catch me and jammed his handlebars into my back, but it was well intended so I tried not to get upset.

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