Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grab Bag (w/ Pictures!)

I've been knitting a little bit everyday on the Janet Shawl. It's not growing very quickly 'cause I seem to be doing a lot of knitting and then un-knitting. No big mistakes yet, but the directions keep getting longer for each pattern repeat and now there are parentheses involved!

I got a beautiful gift from Maggie, it's hand-dyed sock yarn. I can't wait to knit it up, but at the rate Aileen's makeup socks are going, it'll be awhile.

Alison and I have embarked into the world of letterboxing and we LOVE it!! On Tuesday, we set out to find our first box on Tuesday and couldn't even find the right trail at the park. I thought Alison was going to lose interest and we'd be finished before we even got started. Instead, she suprised me and asked if we could get more clues and try again.

And Wednesday we sucessfully found our first box. Today we found 2 more! We were going to find 4, but the first two were down this crazy trail that was comprised of sand, sand and more sand. After pushing the stoller over a mile, we gave up and started back. Ali and I decided to go back another day without Emily and just walk it.

The other two boxes were a fun find though. My little scream-at-a-bug, never-touch-dirt princess was climbing around trees and digging thru leaves. I was very impressed. I didn't get any pics while we were out 'boxing, but here's one of Alison and her log book. :)

Wanna go letterboxing at your house?? You can get tons of start-up info here.

Scout started her tattoo meme and I didn't want to miss out. My tattoo is just over 5 years old and can be found on my right side, going up my ribs. I did a video editing job right before our wedding and they paid me in cash, a lot of cash. Wayne and I couldn't resist using it to go get matching tattoos. He has my name on his chest over his heart.

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That's cool! Looks like a great activity. :)