Thursday, March 29, 2007

Round Up

I apologize for the computer silence. It's been a crazy week. Here are some bullet points:

* I am exhausted and my eyes are scratchy.

* That offer I mentioned last week was counter-offered, then counter-offered, then counter-offered and so on and so forth for several offers until finally the buyer's wallet didn't feel to pinched and we didn't feel like we were getting ripped off and ta da! Our house is under contract for sale. We should hopefully close on the 12th of April.


* In light of the fact that we need to move, we packed up some clothes and the kids and headed up to Hot-lanta (which incidently Alison thinks is the actual name of Atlanta) for the last few days to house hunt.

*Bullet point one should be making a little more sense now. So much driving. So much childrening.

* 2 WEEKS!!!

* We found 2 houses we like and put together offers for both. We sent off our #1 offer and just found out that it's being considered and they just need a few more documents to officially approve it. That way we won't be homeless when we close on this house.

* 206 posts(!) to read on bloglines, that'll teach me not to check it for 3 days.

* Keep the Yarnival submissions coming - if you've sent a submission that has successfully found its way to me, you should have rec'd a confirmation email. If you didn't get one, email me megan(dot)tingle(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll double check. The deadline is Sunday, April 1st. :)

* My Secret Pal Hostess asked us to blog about our fav and least fav yarns. My favorite yarn is Noro Kureyon! I love the colors, I love the feel (even though it's scratchy). My lease favorite yarn is Fun Fur - I've made Ali her fair share of 'boas', but beyond that I'm done with the stuff.

* Must sleep. :)


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Congrats on the house sale! I hope the next couple weeks go well.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

I'm sad that u are moving.. but happy for u at the same time.. good luck on your move and don't forget us.. (^_^)