Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hooray! It's time to submit your articles for the April Issue of Yarnival!

I am so excited to be editing this issue of Yarnival! The Yarnival blog carnival was started by Eve of Needle Exchange and showcases great blogs and posts including essays, reviews and finished objects. It's a great way to find new 'lines' and get out of Bloglines rut. :) Plus it's like a great knitting magazine that you don't have to pay $7 for and then hate later.

Previous issues can be checked out here: Issue 1, Issue 2 - hosted by Eve, Issue 3 - hosted by Cara over at January One, Issue 4 - hosted by Jule at Fricknits, Issue 5 - hosted by Carole of Caroleknits, Issue 6 - hosted by the Purloined Letter and Issue 7 - soon to be released by NotScarlett (looks like tomorrow is the day.)

To submit a blog post, USE THE SUBMISSION FORM. DO NOT leave your submission in the comments. DO NOT email me your submissions. SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY FORM ONLY. The deadline to submit is April 1st. The issue will appear on this blog April 15th.

Remember, ANYONE can submit, regardless of how long they've been blogging or how long they've been involved with the fiber arts. Send in your best blog post! It can be funny, sad, educational - I don't care - as long as it's entertaining, well written, interesting and has something to do with the fiber arts.



Anonymous said...

SP10 Pal here.
I had to blow up my gmail account so I couldn't e-mail you - but I will be setting up a new anonymous account today - but I wanted to let you know I've mailed you a little package - this is not your official 1st package, just a little teaser!
Hope you get it today!

Mortaine said...

The site doesn't have NotScarlett's carnival posted, nor yours. If you haven't received any submissions, that might be why.