Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm playing a little bit of catch up on wonderful things that have come in the mail.

I won a contest that Nicole had to move some liquid chocolate bars that she tried and didn't necessarily fall in love with. Since winning she's celebrated her wedding anniversary and been in her sister's wedding - I love marriages! Congrats all around Nicole! I still haven't tried the 'bars' since I had to go get a bunch of diabetic labwork done recently and didn't want to jinx myself, but as soon as I do I'll post about it.

And today I received my yarn winnings from Aija from her 'kindness of strangers (with yarn)' contest. She was gifted with some Noro for her Lizard Ridge and wanted to pay it forward. She sent me 2 hanks of lovely Koigu. I love it! She's making some crazy-fast progress on her Lizard Ridge, stop by and encourage her if you get a chance.

Underneath the yarn you can see a) a maple leaf that Alison brought in and informed me meant that it is now autumn. So if you weren't aware of the season change, Alison has declared it autumn. b) the packaging from my sz. 2 16" addi circulars that I ordered to start - - -

My Harvest Sock Swap sock!! This sock is very important. It's my first tow-up sock. It's my first sock on two circulars. It's my first texture-driven versus colorway driven pattern. It's all so exciting! Thank goodness I only have to knit one. :)


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Awesome goodies! The Harvest SS sock project looks awesome! Have fun!

PS--Autumn here is waning. Sniff. :/

Nicole said...

Glad your chocolate arrived. Hope you did well on your test!