Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Another Month has come and Gone

But it sure has been productive. :)

Socktoberfest wrap-up: My goal was to knit 5 socks during the month of October. Instead I knit one. I did however learn a lot from this sock. Toe-up cast ons, chart following, etc. And I finished it today, just in the knick of time. Here's a sneak peak for my Harvest Sock swap friend, I'll be sending it along soon.

The other 4 socks were neglected due to Wayne's sweater and some other Christmas knitting, but I still feel like I celebrated some socks and will definitely do this again next year.


Coming up soon: More Christmas knitting - I just picked up yarn for a gift for a new, but dear friend. Some baby knitting for a baby that has the audacity to be born around Christmas. :)


Duration: 30 minutes
Average Speed: 12 MPH
Distance: 4.7 miles
Calories Burned: 260
Did I fall? Nope.


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