Thursday, October 26, 2006


I may possibly have the BEST SECRET PAL EVER!!!

The dog started barking, which is not cause for alarm, but then I heard a package dropped off on the front porch. Curious, I'm not expecting anything.

I go out to get the box and it's from Even more curious, I know I haven't ordered anything from there.

I open the box and I'm mystified that it's a copy of Stephen King's new book!! But I didn't order this, I'm still thinking. Then I see the note - it's from my Secret Pal!

She has apparently been researching me and shares my love for all things King and knew I'd want this ASAP. It's true, I've been calling the library on a daily basis waiting for it to come in.

THANK YOU SECRET PAL! You're awesome!


Anonymous said...

You are so very, very welcome! Brace yourself - you are about to fall into the rabbit hole! I'm almost done and it is simply one of his absolute best! Now, quit reading this, tell Wayne and the girls I'm very sorry (they will miss you for a few days), and ENJOY! ;}

limedragon :-: Harriet said...