Friday, June 02, 2006

5 Senses Friday Plus!

the Princess Bride - on the big screen, er, truck
Andria's new faux-hawk
taller-than-Ali tomato plant

BBQ ribs at Tingle's on Memorial Day
bugspray - ick!

baby cattle prod
new wisdom tooth coming in - I highly recommend teething while pregnant, it's pure joy
lots of Alison hugs

galloping baby heartbeat
happy birthday wishes for Andria and Lauren
the Fray - Wayne's taken over my CD player

sweet, sweet Zellwood corn
yummy movie theater popcorn, in the front yard
1/4 of a Milky Way - it was divinity


My knitting/crocheting has reached a near stalemate. I finished the star blanket for Emily and made her bed for the pictures:

I considered making it bigger, but I really wanted to end on a Watermelon stripe and since each leg was already pushing 35 dcs, the thought of 6 more rounds seemed too daunting. I have more yarn though and guess I could add to it later if I'm so inclined.

I'll pick up the Tasha piece when I'm really jonesing, but I'm in limbo until my yarn gets here. It's taking too long! I've even considered a quick stash-busting project, but can't find anything that'll work up fast enough. I could start another pair of socks...maybe.

Alison's been working her creative muscles too. Meet 'Crayon Daddy':

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