Monday, June 19, 2006

I appreciate that no one commented on the lack of senses on Friday - I do in fact still have my senses, it was the post that was without them. Leave it to my husband to point out that I may have lost my mind a little more than I think with this pregnancy if I'm making statements about loss of senses. :)

Not a lot of knitting has been accomplished . . . the Girlfriend Shrug is getting to be monotonous and it's taking a lot of personal effort to not shuffle it aside for something (anything) else.

However, I tidied up the yarn today and have entered all of my stash goodies in my knitting journal so I don't have to go looking and cleanliness is just like finished knitted garments, right? I balled up on hank of my ArtYarns UltraMerino4 for my Jaywalker socks and may start them tonight while watching the Closer. Technically I need to hold off for two more days so that they count toward the Summer of Socks . . . what to do.

Wayne has been hounding me for something big and expensive that I want for my birthday and all I can come up with is a swift and ball winder. I found a tutorial for a really great tabletop swift that seems easy to make, but he has instead decided with his limited knowledge of yarn that I need a much more technical umbrella swift.

And finally, I signed up today for the Summer Sock Party. I missed the Hurricane Sock Party sign-ups, but I'm sure that by August's stormy weather I won't want to be dwelling on the storm season, especially while I'm knitting.

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