Friday, June 16, 2006

Fashion Show Friday

(Senses to return next week)

After days and days of forcing my birthday happiness on you, I'm pleased to present a finished garment.

That fits.

Although I modified it to do so. But in the end it fits and that's what really matters. What's even better, Alison loves it.

And did I mention, it fits.

Here's a sampling of the 45 minutes worth of modeling we went through last night. I present to you Alison's Short Snort Tank:


In not-as-cheery knitting news: I decided to swatch the KnitPicks Shine Worsted I got for Bad Penny and I think it's way off. I'm going to put off worrying about it until later when I can actually work on it.

Happier: I emailed Gina, who had knit the Jaywalker socks that I linked to, and she emailed me back with lots of good advice. I really appreciate her taking the time to explain some of the things she learned in her knitting of the Jaywalkers - she's certainly saved me a headache or two. Thanks Gina!


I just read that I have caused stash envy in Maggie . . . that makes me smile in an evil-Megan sort of way. :)


Lolly said...

Such a CUTE tank! and the model is even cuter! I love the way that yarn knit up in zigzags - perfect for a cute summery tank.

Great job!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

wow.. so cute.. that made me smile.. great job. I really like how that yarn knit up. it looks soft and silky.(^_^)