Tuesday, June 20, 2006

To my Summer Sock Party friend


I think I'd like to keep things anonymous between us - it's fun. But thought you might like a little info about my sock needs and wants.

1. I live in a warm climate and am frequently hot, so thick socks are not for me.

2. I love ankle socks and can't for the life of me find a pattern for some. Even cutie ones with little pom-poms.

3. I am a-okay with patterns, be they stripes, fair isle, etc. And bright colors. I love bright colors.

4. I've only knit 3 pairs of socks, ever. So I apologize in advance if my technique is not super elaborate, but also try to pick something lovely that won't be too difficult for me to finish. :)

If I think of more things later, I'll post them here, so feel free to visit.

EDIT: I have updated my settings to allow for anonymous posts. Thanks for reminding me. :)


MissyJoon said...

Oh, yikes! Our relationship is off to a dismal start! I just sent you an email revealing myself . . . because I thought that might be more fun! Pretend you DON'T know me, or have your husband delete my email!!!

BUT: thanks for all the tips . . . I ahve a perfect ankle sock for you! And I promise I won't send you anything fuzzy, warm and thick!

Happy Summer!

MissyJoon said...

strike my comment: I am not your pal . . . so sorry for all the confusion!

KattyKatFlash said...

People named Alison R O C K. I found a pattern for ankle socks for you. http://alison.knitsmiths.us/pattern_alisons_ankle_socks.html Hopefully one day in the near future I'll actually be able to come back to knitting group. Damn internship using up all my knittin' time.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I thought I had changed my name to melisssa for a while. But it looks like I didn't :) I'm still me.

Lightweight ankle socks it is!

Thanks for allowing anonymous comments. If it makes you feel more secure from spammers, you can enable the "Type this string of nosense letters" feature.

~Your summer sock pal