Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hurry Up and Wait

I've been diligently knitting and knitting on Ali's Short Snort Tank. I'm excited to finish this project because I think it's going to be adorable and wearable and I have the yarn to knit up a second one. Some modifications may be made to the second one, but one thing is for sure - I DO NOT have enough yarn.

All day Tuesday as I started and nearly completed my second ball of yarn, I kept going back and forth on this issue. Maybe, I thought so positively, I'll have just enough and this project will be even more perfect because it won't add to my stash. Moments later I'd look at the pattern and the many, many rows left, then down at the dwindling ball of yarn and be certain there was no way this yarn would make it. Ultimately, I logged on to elann on Tuesday evening, giving into my more negative, but in the end correct, thinking that I needed more. I ordered an extra ball for Tank #2 too.

And last night, true to my feeling, I reached the end of ball #2 with no back or straps knit yet. I'm eager for the mailman in a way that may disturb my poor husband. **These photos were taken Tuesday night, more front has been knit and the yarn has been depleted.

In the midst of this craziness - my yarn from KnitPicks arrived for the Girlfriend Shrug.

Still secure in my knitting maturity, and in an effort to slow down the inevitable end of the yarn on the Short Snort, I knit up yet another half-swatch. This time my gauge is bang on. Woo-hoo! I also used Addi-Turbo needles for the first time - those crazies are fast and slippery. And the fact that they are size 2s, a size I am not accostumed to, made the swatch a little challenging. I did however find them easier to use once I was a few rows in.

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