Monday, June 12, 2006

Birthday: Part I

Yesterday we celebrated our birthdays as a family and exchanged family gifts. Dad got the iPod he wanted and the rest of the afternoon proved that when you're pushing 50, no matter how saavy you think you are, new technology can still kick your butt. Mom got some help from Home Depot for making the back porch beautiful. And I got some knitting treasures.

Erin smartly consulted my wist and got me the Sushi Wallet Kit from Pick Up Sticks. It's super cute.

And Mom and Dad got me the yarn I wanted to knit Bad Penny for myself. The yarn has not arrived yet, but they got me the needles too and they were ready for giving.

You may notice how much these packaged needles look like the needles I got with my Girlfriend Shrug yarn and you are correct. Introducing my second pair of Addi Turbos - my knitting is getting spoiled, these needles are incredible. More photos as gifts from near and far roll on in.

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