Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No Pics

But I'm posting anyway.

I've jumped on the National Blog Posting Month bandwagon and will be posting once a day for the whole month of November. I'm considering different themes for each week/day. And I may post a photo of the girls with each post as a snapshot of a month in their lives. I wonder how much different they'll look on Dec. 1st?

Anyway, today was filled with Dads. Wayne took his Dad to the hospital to follow-up with the dr after his heartattack over the weekend. I took my Dad to the airport to go to Paraguay. And Alison and Emily have been loving on their Dad, 'cause he's been home all afternoon.

Darn this blogger and the pics being down. Ick.

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Nicole said...

Good for you for signing it up! Good luck... consider also covering topics like election day, veterans days, Thanksgiving day.... helps that November has so many holidays!