Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't Dream It's Over

Did you watch HEROES last night?? It was awesome. Even if you walked away thinking, "well, they could have . . .", look at it this way, there's always next season. And in the hierarchy of season/series finales that we've been assaulted by this week, this one ranks very high. (Do you watch L&O:CI?? What was that?? And ER?? I'm not very invested in "New Dr.", I may not even watch next season. I could go on . . .)

Last week was a little crazy as ye olde Expedition was out of commission again. Luckily it turns out that one of the ignition coils that was recently replaced was just bad and the mechanic fixed it for free. :)

We did however make it to Disney's Animal Kingdom with the wonderful Eve on Wednesday. What a great day we had! The weather was pretty tame most of the day and the girls were in great form. We didn't take a lot of pictures, but the girls got some sticker pictures at the Rainforest Cafe - these were our third attempt. Girls are wiggly.

This weekend I made a big purchase for myself - I got an elliptical machine! For my house! Sayonara gym! I love that I can just hop on for 15 minutes while children are busy with playing or naps. No loading of children, no checking them into the questionably safe kid care, no gawkers. I love it! Maybe now I can start to drop some weight.

You may notice the strategic placement of the elliptical in front of the AC vent, I'm no dummy. :)

This weekend I had the opportunity to cast on and begin my Wicked. I really like the crossover pattern in the collar and have started the dreaded increases. I need to take a day or two off from this to put in some much needed Sockapolooza sock work and to make some invites for my sister's baby shower. See that cutie stitchmarker, you can get some too, that spell your name, go here.

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