Thursday, May 03, 2007

Genius Walking . . .

I am crazy brilliant! Inspired by Lesley's bravado on the subject at NYGK the other night and overwhelmed by the amount of things I've committed to knit, this morning I taught myself to knit 2 socks at the same time! That's right readers, no more Second Sock Syndrome. Woo hoo!

I'm anxious to see how the heel is going to go, but for now, bliss!

My sweet Emily has been rocking an icky cold all week - and I've experienced my first case of eye boogers as a Mom. Eeww. Anyway, she's happiest in a warm bath and is averaging about 2 a day since we just want to see her smile. Yesterday I took nakey baby pics. :)

I thought some fresh air may be just what the doctor ordered, and yesterday was the first relatively smoke-free* day we've had in a while, so we headed to Crane's Roost Park and enjoyed the beautiful day**. Alison took the opportunity to take some pictures of Spring.

And the knitting couldn't help but join in. Do you see that GoKnit pouch?? It's from my Secret Pal, I think I glossed over it in my thank you post. I love it! The first day I had it I was going to use it while at the Fair, well I got there and went to loop it onto my belt and, oops no belt loops. Since then it's spent quite a bit of time looped to the stroller. :)

Speaking on gifts, my great friend Carlin, a newish knitter, sent me my late-Christmas present. Vogue's Stitchionary 3!!! There are lots of great color motifs in here. As a flipped through it I was amazed how many times I thought to myself, I could put that on a sock. We'll see.

*The whole state of Georgia is on fire, I'm sure you've seen this on the news, all their smoke is blowing through Central Florida.
**It's nice out, but also in the very high 80s most days. Hot!

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limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Yay on the 2s2c... If you do traditional heel-flap/gusset, you can still knit most of it at the same time. I find the turning is easier if you do one at a time. No big deal. Hope Emily feels better soon.