Tuesday, May 08, 2007

R2D2 Hat Recon

R2D2 Hat Recon

Karabella Aurora 8 (100% Extrafine Merino Wool, 98 yds. Per ball, 4.5 sts/inch)
Yarn A: Gray: Color #201
Yarn B: Blue: Color #23
Yarn C: Black: Color #1148
Size 7 16" circular needle

With Yarn A,
CO 90 sts.
Join and begin working in the round.
Rnds. 1 – 6: K1, P1 ribbing
Rnds. 7 – 8: Knit

Change to Yarn B:
Rnds. 9 –13: Knit

Change to Yarn A:
Knit Rnds. 14 – 34 (20 rounds)

Knit Chart 2 while noting the shaping below, decreases will fall in the middle of each color block:
Rnd. 35: Knit, carry yarn B across the 2 stitches of yarn A
Rnd. 36: K7, K2tog, *K13, K2tog, repeat from * to last 6 sts., K to end
Rnd. 37: Knit
Rnd. 38: K6, K2tog, *K12, K2tog, repeat from * to last 6 sts., K to end
Rnd. 39: Knit
Rnd. 40: K5, K2tog, *K11, K2tog, repeat from * to last 6 sts., K to end

With Yarn A, Knit Rnds. 41 & 42

With Yarn B, Knit Rnds. 43 & 44
Rnd. 45: K10, K2tog, repeat until end.
Rnd. 44: K9, K2tog, repeat until end.
Continue decreasing until 18sts remain.

With Yarn C, continue decreasing until 6 sts. remain.

Break yarn and draw through to close top. Weave in all ends.

Using duplicate stitch, stitch Chart 1.


Row 1 of CHART 2 for patterning
This pattern is not my own doing entirely, the charts and basic idea came from Maria aka Shortstuff411 on craftster. She posted her version here and I've knit it before, but wanted to modify its size and try with the duplicate stitching idea. Try one or the other, heck, try them both and may the force be with you.
*Modeled by Nick, who does not have a rattail, although the picture makes it look that way. :)


limedragon :-: Harriet said...

It looks great! I just remembered that I have some leftover Wool-ease that might work for this hat, hmm...

Anonymous said...

Did you by any chance use a set of double-pointed needles to finish the decreases at the top? I imagine that you didn't finish it with the circular, but maybe there is a way to do it that I'm not aware of. Finding that I have too few stitches to stretch around the circular.

Thanks! It's a great pattern so far!

Cake for Breakfast said...

Hi Megan -
I finished it! It looks great and it's recipient loved it. You can see pictures of my completed works (and the two that didn't come out so well) here: http://www.notjustdessert.blogspot.com/

Merry Christmas and thanks so much!

Delia said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS! Your version is the best one out there!

Denise said...

Just wanted to say TY for posting the pattern :) I just finished it this morning (early Xmas gift for a buddy) and I love it. Came together really quick.

Allyson said...

Just finished this yesterday for my 5 yo. decreased the middle section of grey from 20 rows to 16 for his smaller head. He loves it! Great pattern. Thank you.