Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holy Smoke!

This smoke is crazy!! Add a named tropical storm off the coast to two states on fire and you end up with a lot of inside playtime. And today we were going to blow up the little pool . . .

Yesterday the girls and I went up to the Rock Springs Run Reserve in North Seminole County to do some letterboxing. It was a nice day with a decent breeze (albeit smoky) and we had a map, compass and lots of water. Great, right? No, no, no. Instead we ended up wandering around in the woods for about 45 minutes and this momma was seriously worried we were lost on the "marked trails" for about half that time.

In the end we made it out of the woods, but instead of finding two boxes, we were only able to find one. I need to start doing a little research ahead of time, 'boxing on our own is fine in a park, but these wilderness areas are going to be the death of me.

For clarification purposes, yesterday I apparently wasn't too worried about smoke exposure, but this morning on the news they highly recommended not letting your children outside. I can take a recommendation.
After a visit to SuperTarget and the arrival of the mailman, we were all set up for some indoor fun.
Alison picked out a Princess Ariel watercolor painting set and Emily got her Happy Apple that I found on ebay. Did you have a Happy Apple when you were a baby?? I highly recommend them, they have the most beautiful, true chime-y sound ever. No new toy stacks up to it.

While at SuperTarget we cruised by the prepared deli sandwiches and they are yet another thing I highly recommend. For $2.99 I got an amazing turkey and havarti cheese sandwich on 8-grain bread! It was a delight for my tummy and very filling. Plus it was only $3!!! Go buy one and fill up your tummy too. :)
In knitting news, I'm working on a stack of quick projects for someone who is coming soon and can't show them off 'cause they're secret. The shawl has been getting a little action when I'm awake enough for lace knitting after the girls are in bed. I still need to sew the sushi onto the wallet. Finishing is a harsh mistress.

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