Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beautiful Simplicity

I've received many lovely gifts from family and friends in the last few days. My birthday has been delightful and I still have my date night tomorrow to look forward to (dinner and The Happening). I want to highlight each of my treasures and since I have to post everyday, we're going to take it one at a time.


Birthday Gift

My parents got me this lovely pair of earrings from Kathryn Riechert. They're tiny and perfect for my second holes. Kathryn is a very talented artist -- go buy some of her lovely items. :)


In knitting news, the Ampersand Socks are almost finished. My hope is to finish them by the 21st so I can cast on a fresh pair of the Summer of Socks.


Kaaren said...

Nice. I checked her website. Great stuff.

trek said...

Oh, very pretty!