Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kids & Expectations

Ali's been out of school for about 3 weeks now and we're settling into summer well. With all this together-time though, certain traits are becoming more and more evident in our two little princesses.

Not a month ago, I was near tears as Ali's preschool teacher went on and on (with examples!) about how smart and bright Alison is. I am so proud that she's such a great listener, speaker and sponge of knowledge. She's eager to share what she knows and loves to learn.

Over the last few days we've been getting increasingly frustrated with ourselves/her as she's started trying to learn to ride a bike and starting another round of swimming lessons. She gets easily discouraged. She says she's tired. She quits easily. Wayne is more frustrated than me, but I have had my share of frustration too.

Enter Emily. The kid has had seven swimming lessons, at just 20 minutes a pop and today I think she was actually swimming. She was certainly muscling through and getting her face in the pool. She tries to ride her tricycle everyday, she just can't because her legs aren't long enough. Also, she's a bruiser. I'm pretty sure she could take Ali in a fight.

At dinner last night Wayne said that it has become obvious that Emily is going to be a jock and Ali, a bookworm. I hope it is not so cut and dry (and know deep down that it's not). I'd love for both of them to just be well-rounded people. I'll keep you posted.

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