Monday, June 02, 2008

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Or isn't it so nice to sleep in your own bed?

We have a wonderful collection of blankets in our household.

2008-06-02 008

Alison has a flannel, silky-edged blanket that is predomenitely blue and lovingly referred to as Blue Blankie. It was made by a friend of our family who has known me since I was born. She gave it to me at my baby shower along with lots of pink things even though we still didn't know Ali's gender. It turns out that her husband told her and all his daughters/daughter-in-laws that we were having a girl so that he wouldn't have to listen to conversations about speculation. It was a pretty safe bet since I'm one of three girls (yes Aileen, I know that's not scientifically true, but hey, I'm not a scientist).

2008-06-02 010

Emily received a blanket from the same friend - and in the almost four years between the girls, she learned a lot about her crazy, amazing Husqvarna sewing machine. Emily has Winnie the Pooh on one side and a pink floral on the other, silky-edged again. This time, she stitched a message along the silky. Emily's favorite part is the pink side. Her little fingers rub it back and forth when she's falling a sleep. We only possess one other piece of cloth that can take the place of this blanket - a flannel receiving blanket. Needless to say, laundering of her blanket is done quickly between sleep sessions.

2008-06-02 011

Our bed is currently dressed in a set of linens we picked up at IKEA for $13 which is a steal for a king-size bed. It's one of the comforter covers with the foam-y comforter insert. It shifts around a bit, but we picked the lightest one (Florida = typically hot) and it's like a cloud. If only I could figure out a way to keep Wayne from stealing it in his sleep.

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