Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An Open Home

Last night was supposed to be Alison's last soccer game of the spring season. As team mom, I gather together funds for a pizza party, ordered the pizza, made soccer cupcakes and brought a bajillions of Capri Suns.

We arrived a 6:10 PM for the 6:30 PM game and the kids starting practicing and stretching. I set up our camper chairs, let Emily run around and fielded questions about where we were eating. The temperature was starting to cool a bit (we're talking 91 as opposed to 95) and a breeze picked up. We could see some stormy looking clouds moving toward us, but shrugged them off as the game began.

The opposing team had a defensive line that would rival whatever that team David Beckham is on. Each of the four kids had half a head in height on our players and up until last night we've been a fairly "tall" team.

As the first quarter continued the clouds got closer.

I should mention that we just came off an entire 40 day stretch where it did not rain, not one drop. Additionally, here in the F-L-A, we have "summer rain". In full blown summer, it will rain every afternoon like clock-work. According to the weatherman, it's the result of the stuff on the East coast hitting the stuff from the West coast. These two facts are things that each and every parent was banking on.

Instead, just as they were beginning the second quarter the lightning started. Our ref checked with the other refs and as the drips started, they called a 30 minute postponement.

It became quickly evident that it was not going to stop and if it did, the field would be unplayable. But we waited the 30 minutes for the final word.

In that moment I made a decision. One that I believe is founded deeply in the example my parents have been to me.

I ran around the parking lot, looking for our teammates, and invited them all over to our house for the party.

And a lot of them came.

And my house was not clean, still had laundry on the couch and a sink full of dishes.

But the world didn't end and we all had a great time.

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