Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another Reason to LOVE Old Navy

Or how I got an amazing deal, just for being nice.

We stopped by Old Navy this evening, thinking that the frenzy of shopping would have subsided and there may be some clothes left. We were mostly right. The frenzy wasn't so frantic, but the clothes were mostly on the ground. Apparently a herd of frenzy had preceded us.

There was this poor girl trying to rehang everything and make sure it all had tags. I joked around with her for a bit while Alison commented on the fact that the people who put these clothes on the ground were terribly impolite.

We all agreed.

So we grabbed a couple of long sleeves shirts for the girls, Emmy's were supposed to be 2 for $12, but one of them was marked $2.97. Ali's were supposed to be 2 for $15. Well we get up to the register and the next thing we know the guy tells us our total is $12.87!

He rang everything up for $2.97 a piece!

What a blessing those Old Navy friends were tonight. :)

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