Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I'm Thankful for:

My husband: he's my best friend, greatest ally, love of my life, support system, and smokin' hot in my opinion.

Alison: my best big girl, an adventure in parenting, a source of copious hugs and kisses, my palison.

Emily: Supergirl, wonderful sleeper, a beautiful smile, my anenome (it rhymes)

The rest of my family, too: My Mom who will help anyone, anytime; My Dad for his corny jokes and general Daddy-ness; My sister Aileen, who's busy making us more family members, congratulations Beanie!; My sister Erin who can't put my children down (or stop buying them clothes) but neither of those things are necessarily a bad thing.
God, for sending his only Son to die for me, little, insignificant me.
My friends that I can count as dear to me: Carlin, Nicole, Jany, Alison, Lisa, Andria, Victoria - I love you ladies!
All yarn manufacturers and yarn stores worldwide, without which I would have nothing to knit.
My house, my enormous American truck, my Addi Turbos.
What are you thankful for??

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Corkin said...

Is Aileen pregnant?!