Thursday, November 16, 2006


Do any of you have that person in your family or are you that person who believes that all carnival/fair rides are assembled by convicts??

Do you tell these things to your 4-year-old??

The Orange County Fair is in town and we have to drive by it on the way to dance class and the library and the pizza restaurant. Alison is wicked excited about it - they even have a circus (something that I can't help but feel conflicted about) - and Wayne's being dodgey about the whole thing.

Does anyone know if this theory is even true??


Ann-Marie said...

maybe not convicts, but "carnies" which are just as weird.
there's just something about a ride that gets put up and taken down every weekend, that makes me a little leary.
plus, don't you live like RIGHT at disney world????

Maggie said...

I don't know if the rides are put up by convicts but I do know from work organizing church carnivals that the state requires an inspection before the carnival rides are allowed to take people.

Anonymous said...

I have the same theory! I mean really, do you think college grads are traveling with those fairs? However, I do take my princess to the fair and I do let her ride the rides. I'm conflicted, but I do it anyway. It makes her wicked happy! ;}

--secret pal

Corkin said...

Are you going to bring along a Bolex this time, if you decide to go?