Sunday, November 12, 2006

Feeding the Fiber Beast

14 Ways to Afford a Yarn Addiction Without Breaking the Bank

1. Stalk the sales – get on your LYS mailing list to know when they’re coming up and be price aware. Know you’re getting a real deal.

2. Unravel your duds – Take apart a sweater or blanket you already have and never wear.

3. Hit the thrift stores – You can find needles, yarn and garments to pull apart (see Idea 2)

4. Teach – Yarn stores and craft stores are always looking for competent knitting teachers, you could end up with a steep discount or free yarn, plus a little moola in your pocket.

5. Trade up – Participate in a yarn swap.

6. Start a finishing business – If you are really good at seaming sweaters or installing zippers, offer to do it for your knitting friends for yarn money.

7. Know your online discounters – Don’t miss out on hefty discounts at sites like é, and

8. Bid wiselyeBay is a great place to get yarn, but make sure you’re not ending up paying more. Double check the price at your LYS and remember you’ll be paying additional shipping.

9. Go pro – Set up a booth at a Farmer’s Market or create your own store and sell your goodies.

10. Work part-time at your LYS – Your not going to get rich working part-time, but the discount could be worth it.

11. Develop your own patterns – You can sell them online or submit them to knitting magazines.

12. Roll your own – Start spinning! It’s fun and relaxing and in the end a little less expensive.

13. Knit a sample – Lusting after a new hot design, but can’t afford the yarn? Ask you local shop owner if she’ll discount the supplies if you let her display the item for a season.

14. Ask for the gift of yarn – Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, any holiday or gift-giving occasion can be your ticket to free yarn. Try setting up a wish list online at

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