Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Taste Test: Lava Bars

You may remember that a month or so ago I received 2 Lava Bars - the world's first liquid chocolate bar - from Nicole. Well tonight after soccer practice I put together my panel of taste testers.

Okay, so Emily didn't test the bars, but she wanted to show you that she can sit up. Supported, but up nonetheless.

I squeezed a generous portion of bar on to each testers finger and asked them what they thought.

Alison said, "Great! Can I have some more?"

I was undecided. It has a weird aftertaste.

And Wayne said, "Horrible!"

Emily wanted you to know that she can stand up too. :)

So I'm going to let Ali finish off the one we opened slowly over the next week or so, if it stays fresh in the Ziploc baggie, but the second one is up for grabs.

Leave a comment by Friday at noon - Florida time - and I'll draw a winner and send it off for you to try. :)


adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

hahaha omg this is so funny.. (^_^)

Nicole said...

Too funny! The face your husband made is the SAME one my husband made. Maybe Lava Bar needs to market to a younger demographic like your daughter.